2013 Re-Launch!

No longer wearing the badge of "new publishing company", we now want to be the BEST DIY PUBLISHING COMPANY.

Our roster is now more focused on artists with the ability to write for specific projects. Having gifted songwriters and composers has become our greatest priority. We are still working with a few incredibly talented bands that share our passion and commitment. This new chapter is quality over quantity.

We are thrilled to add ALFA, an amazing songwriter that has already had multiple placements on MTV's Friendzone. Her emotive voice complements the catchy melodic twists of her smart-pop songs. We love versatlity, and we accomplished that by adding another talented east-coast native Songwriter/Composer Nick Cucci. He toured the world with River City Extention, and creates music with a background in jazz, rock, punk, folk, pop to metal. He can do it all, AND AMAZINGLY WELL!

Lawrence McConneughey (aka L-City) is an innovative Hip-Hop/Pop producer and a song composing machine! He has worked with many talented vocalists while gaining the reputation of being one of the hottest up-and-coming producers.

London based Patrizio Knight (of We The Committee) is bringing his composing talents to Prelude! His amazing ambient/dream pop songs have rightfully been noticed by TV networks in Europe and the US. Perfect song placements in ABC's Revenge & MTV's Awkward. is what inspires us to be in this industry.

Now is the time!

"The Pregnant Letter"


"Where The City Meets The Sky"

"Over Your Dead Body"