Who We Are, What We Have Done is a heart-wrenching and deeply inspiring debut from New York-based Jessi Robertson. Robertson expertly mixes an alt-country vocal style with electronic drumbeats, possessing a voice that commands attention from the first note. Her tone is captivating whether floating in a whispered reverie or letting loose over unconventional lyrics and acrobatic melodies. Opener “Geometry of a Heavy Heart” displays her propensity toward abstract lyricism, while “Papers & Magazines” best sums up the record: “We don’t need our names in the annals of history / ’Cause we know who we are and what we have done.”
- B. Walker, Performing Songwriter Magazine (Top 12 DIY Section December 2008)

"Imagine a withering roar that's all at once strong, vulnerable and beautiful. Jessi is a unique power-pop artist that delivers poetic insightful lyrics in catchy songs full of drama and life."
- Artist Loft Series, Tainted Blue Studios

This New York singer-songwriter draws comparisons to equally spirited alt-folk muses Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. But with her quavering, spiritual verses, the analogy she deserves is with Jeff Buckley, gender difference or no.
- Editor's Review,

I find that your lyrics are very poetic and insightful. Particularly on 'Eggshell Heart,' I felt as if I had a window into your artistry and your life.
- Eric Contractor, Fuzz Artists

I am definitely impressed with your sound. Cinematic, beauty, subtle, emotional.
- David Garcia - A&R, Fuzz Artists

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