Genre: Punk / Rock / Indie


In the rapid and competitive New York City atmosphere, it’s hard to find a band who isn’t posturing, spending more time on hairstyles and photo shoots than at rehearsals, focusing on their image versus their music… Money/ Paper/ Hearts just want you to listen. While raised on and influenced by punk and post-punk rock bands like the Clash, Jawbreaker, Superchunk, and Fugazi, MPH have taken their musical ambitions and churned out honest, raw and powerfully catchy music. They do things to you. But you have to give them time. One listen isn't enough. Enough to seep into your skin. It might strike a nerve, but this band doesn't feel like striking anything. Only a full blown attack will do. The NYC/Brooklyn trio wrote, recorded, and produced this, their first EP, in a tiny practice space with a laptop and a few microphones. MPH’s lyrics are heartfelt and at times rather cryptic; the songs are filled with angular guitar riffs, constant percussion, unadulterated lead vocals and old-school shouting harmonies. Their rawness is refreshing. Check out the sound on this EP and keep your eyes out for Money Paper Hearts in a town near you soon.




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