Genre: Alternative / Punk / Rock


From the rolling green hills of Devon comes the sound of Severe:Zero. After forming in Spring 2006, ideas quickly began to fly around inside the thick stone walls of Luke's studio and an armory of original material was quickly assembled. By the end of the year, the band had recorded enough tunes to complete their debut album, Dead Air.

All the members had spent numerous years playing in other local bands so it came as no surprise that they stormed onto the music scene with confidence, winning a local battle of the bands competition on their first gig (The Big Battle @ The Queens Theater, Barnstaple, July 2006). The write up in the local paper described them as "a fresh sounding punk outfit high on energy and adrenaline," and that "Severe:Zero had something to say, there was meaning to their songs." Following this, the band did a number of other local gigs throughout the year airing the new material they were constantly producing.

Their sound is an exciting amalgamation of rock/alternative/punk/post punk. Severe:Zero are now ready to get out into the crazy big bad world of music and rock your face off!! Keep your eyes and ears peeled, feed the peelings to your cat and ride it like He-Man to join them on their relentless march to victory!!! RAAA!!!


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