- Toxic Pete

'Severe Zero show great punkish attitude and more than adequate rockin' aggression with this shit-hot single, 'Weapons Grade'; as they take you through tempo and mood changes, Severe Zero keep you well and truly hooked with incessant riffs and pure musical charisma.

Severe Zero might not be doin' anything fantastically new here but what they do they do with full-on adrenaline and focus. 'Weapons Grade' is a very tasty single that's got an awful lot goin' for it; it's as timeless as anything of this persuasion could ever be, it's as in-yer-face as it needs to be and it's got that certain stylish punkish thrush that makes it just about whatever you want it to be!

Severe Zero are just a three-piece and considering their number they make a pretty big, solid and impressive melodic 'noise'. 'Weapons Grade' is a crackin' single that presses all the right buttons normally associated with this high energy genre. And, talking of energy, Severe Zero exude a level of energy here that's almost tangible!! 'Weapons Grade' by the punchy and bright Severe Zero is everything it should be and more - a great little single with instant appeal, loads goin' on and a real worker'.

- Losing Today

Severe: zero 'weapons grade' (self released). No beating about the bush with these dudes. Severe:Zero are a Devon based trio who it seems have a devilish knack of nailing down punk styled pogoing nuggets at the drop of an hat. 'weapons grade' is the trio's official debut release though there is a gig only album 'dead air' kicking about - a few tunes from which are currently being showcased on their my space site. 'weapons grade' sees them comfortably at home on the melodic end of the emo (how I hate that term) punk pop scale, more Mega City 4 than Green Day this unrelenting razor sharp power charged cutie is awash with tear arsing guitars, staggered stop start dynamics and an anthem styled presence replete with a chorus hook that - once heard - insidiously pings around the headspace like a demented pinball. That said though its not even their best track - that honour goes to the tear welling bitter sweet 'global disaster' which you'll find on the aforementioned my space site had us fondly scurrying for our copy of Chron Gen's 'nowhere to run' full length which regular observers to these musings will attest are in our eyes the bollocks.

- Will Munn of Rhythm & Booze

Severe Zero -Weapons Grade

Severe Zero are a Devon-based trio who play high energy powerful punk band, the band have been knocking around a few years now and in that time they've played numerous gigs and released a "gig only" album but Weapns Grade is the groups first proper commericial release and it's a belter to boot.

Now if you're idea of punk is limited to recent spate of pop-punk/emo bands then you're going to be in for something of a shock here. Severe Zero don't fuck around they play hard and they play fast, the band pound the shit out of their instruments whilst still managing to throw in a bouncy hook or two and a melodic middle section. Weapons Grade is an energetic and andrenaline fuelled masterclass in modern day punk, forget your Blink 182's and think more of the likes of Refused, this is short, sharp and full of balls, if you like razor sharp, straight to the point punk you're gonna love Severe Grade.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10

- Christopher Sharpe

"Beneath the superficial, up my own arse first impression I had, I was blitzed with catchy, snappy riffs, gutsy vocals and a real sense of musical articulation amongst the three members that makes this supremely enjoyable.  

To be blunt I rate Severe Zero. 

On later listens after the shock I could notice them as being akin to The Fall of Troy at points, except slightly less manic and more controlled. Aside from this comparison they are refreshing and, dare I say it, in inverted commas "original" (it’s nearly all been done before these days). Every key and tempo change seems to have been well thought over and benefit the song, giving it direction, urgency and purpose which if they maintain could make them a phenomenal live act. Severe Zero, you surprised me and endeared me and for that I thank you"


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